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Shenzhen I/O #3 - Diagnostic Pulse Generator

·1 min

Another day another Shenzhen I/O puzzle.

In order to test some of our new manufacturing equipment, we need a pulse generator with certain requirements (specifications). However, instead of buying one at the market price, I thought we could simply create our own. For this project you will need to make use of conditional execution. Please continue your study of the language reference.

As a refresher, checkout the Language Reference Card in the first post.

This puzzle is more complicated because the in- and output does differ from the puzzles before:

Puzzle 2

Maybe you noticed that in-/output are not synchronous. This means, if we have an input signal, we do not necessarily have a output signal and vice versa.

With these four lines we pass all the tests easily.

Production Cost Power Usage Lines of Code
3 240 5
3 142 3