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Servus 👋 #

This is Robert’s space. Worked with a lot of servers in a hosting company, acted as GitLab Magican & Meme Integrator, tinkering on stuff that runs the internet now. Has both a stupid and pragmatic solution for every problem and likes them to be scaleable and generalized. Lost his heart to Ruby, likes photography, mountain biking and movies.

Projects #

Games #

  • Uwe: Game developed at the 2019s Hetzner Game Jam
  • Scrap Race: Game developed for the 35th Godot Wild Jam
  • Arnold: Game developed for the 37th Godot Wild Jam
  • Solar Valley: Game developed for the 38th Godot Wild Jam
  • Sticktorio: Game developed for the 42th Godot Wild Jam