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Shenzhen I/O #2 - Control Signal Amplifier

·2 mins

Today we’re doing another Shenzhen I/O puzzle.

As this is the second task, the puzzle is again quite simple. As a reminder, we do have the following command documentation:


The task is to amplify a signal. As we can see from the verification tab the output has to be higher than the input - twice as high, to be precise.

Puzzle 2

This seems fairly easy, we just need to multiply the input signal with 2 and output the result. If we take a closer look on our commands we can find a mul operator which can take one argument. It is documented with the following:

mul R/I Multiply the value of the first operand by the value of the acc register and store the result in the acc register.

So this makes things a bit more complicated. We can not simply take register p0 and multiply it with integer 2. The argument for mul always gets multiplied with the register acc. Therefore we need to do a little extra step and save 2 into acc. After that we can multiply register p0 with integer 2 saved in acc which automatically stores the result again in acc. Now we need to move the result from acc to register p1 - our output - and sleep for one second.

  mov 2 acc
  mul p0
  mov acc p1
  slp 1

With these four lines we pass all the tests easily.

Production Cost Power Usage Lines of Code
3 240 4