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Sous Vide Steak 1.0

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Recently we tried out sous vide cooking and needed quite some time to find well-sounding parameters in the internet or cookbooks.

To preserve the tweaks we did to them I wanted to put them up here, also some of you might want to give it a try too.

Baseline Parameters

The following parameters can be used for a cold start and might need adjustments depending on your tools and taste.


Steak thickness cooking time
2 cm60 min
3 cm90 min
4 cm120 min
5 cm160 min
6 cm210 min
7 cm240 min
8 cm180 min


cooking level temperature
blue rare40°C - 45°C
rare45°C - 50°C
medium rare50°C - 54°C
medium54°C - 56°C
medium-well56°C - 60°C
well-done60°C - 65°C

First Try

For the first try we bought a Dry Aged Entrecote (Rib Eye) from a Simmental cattle (Simmentaler) with a thickness of 2.5 cm to 3 cm.

We wanted a medium-rare steak with a tendency to rare and therefore configured out sous vide device to heat the water to 52°C for 90 minutes.

For our taste it was almost medium so next time we will lower either the time or the temperature.